Good Shepherd Free Lutheran Church

 120 SW 2nd Street, Madison, SD   57042

Mail to: P.O. Box 371

Phone: 605-427-9400




 I Am the Good Shepherd I know My own and My own know me

John 10:14



President         Joe Neville                   291-9694        

Secretary         Dean Feistner              480-1790        

Treasurer        Morgan Rohde              291-9037

Deacon            Dean Feistner              480-1790        

Deacon            Virgil Johnson              270-0721        

Deacon            Vacant                                    

Trustee            Mike Klopf Jr.               291-9009        

Trustee            Marlin Andresen           270-3006        

Trustee            Vacant                                    

Deaconess       Vicki Johns                   270-0899        

Deaconess       Sandy Neville               291-2194        

Deaconess       Deb Rohde                  256-4760        


Christian Ed     Vacant                        

Christian Ed     Debbie Feistner            480-2925        

Christian Ed     Vacant                                    

Lead Usher      Gary Vostad                 483-3380        

Auditing           Dale Yeager                256-9019        

Auditing           Marlin Andresen           270-3006        

Nominating     Vacant                        

Nominating     Vacant                        

Nominating     Joe Neville                    291-9694






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Good Shepherd Free Lutheran Church Madison SD