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 I Am the Good Shepherd I know My own and My own know me

John 10:14






Until further notice 10:30 am worship services will be outdoors at the Depot as long as the weather allows us to do so. Please bring a lawn chair or listen from your vehicle.


Plans to have worship services in the sanctuary are being discussed. No date to reenter has been set as of the time of the writing of this newsletter. The Council is seeking feedback from the congregation regarding what measures of care would need to be taken for us to be able to hold worship services in the sanctuary.


Please be looking for updates by emails, , Good Shepherd Free Lutheran Church Facebook page, text messages and sometimes phone calls.


Also each Sunday’s recorded message will be posted on Good Shepherd’s webpage and Facebook page.




Pastor and Judy                                                Marlin

Mike Sr                                                            Paul and Donna

Shawna, Harold and Krystle                               Joe and Sandy
Dale, Karen and Mary                                        Elections

Students, teachers and school staff

Government officials, Law Enforcement and Military

All First Responders and Medical personnel


Clay (13 year old boy from Oldham-Ramona with Acute Myeloid leukemia. He has been in the Sanford Children’s Castle Hospital over 3 months. His mother said that she will read him any cards sent. His address: Sanford Children Castle, Clay Misar, 1600 W 22nd Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57105. His current room number is 2955)




Sept 4 – Joe Neville                         Sept 13 – Mike Klopf Jr

Sept 5 – Virgil Johnson                     Sept 25 – Jody Streff

Sept 5 – Kaylee Olson                      Sept 29 – Shay/Shelby

Sept 9 – Andrew Vostad                                                 Poncelet                           


Sept 22 – Clayton and Morgan Christensen



Please contact Pastor if you have concerns and prayer requests


Each Wednesday night at 6:30 pm at Pastor and Judy’s home (103 S Josephine Ave.) Please bring a lawn chair.




Sept 22 at 3 pm at Marlin’s home




Financially Good Shepherd is doing well in spite of Covid and ending our Home Mission subsidy. The Council would like to thank everyone for continuing to financially support the ministry of Good Shepherd in the community and beyond.




“But thanks be to God, who always leads us in triumphal procession in Christ and through us spreads everywhere the fragrance of the knowledge of Him.” 2Cor. 2:14

Paul begins with thanks to God. That is always a good place to begin. We are thankful to God for His forgiveness, for the Hope of eternal life in a heavenly home, for His promises, presence and provision for our lives. We are thankful for the blessings of His love, joy, peace, grace and mercy in our lives. Paul is specifically thankful that God always leads us in triumphal processions in Christ. These are parades of victory.

Jesus wins the victory through His death on the cross and resurrection from the dead. He wins victories in the lives of the people who come to trust in Jesus for the forgiveness of sins and life in a heavenly home. Believers commit their way to Jesus. They seek to proclaim the living presence of Jesus and His power to forgive and save us from sin, death and the power of

the devil. They declare that we are adopted into the family of God through faith in Jesus. Paul refers to witnesses for Jesus as a fragrance that is spread

everywhere. The Knowledge of Jesus is being blown around like a fragrance by the Holy Spirit when we live lives of faith and tell others about Jesus and His love for us.




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